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Advanced Mobile SolutionsWhat if it were possible to save time, maintain revenue and reduce stress to both patients and medical staff during a large-scale renovation?

Creating resiliency in medical facility renovations is one of the key roles of Advanced Mobile Solutions, LLC, (AMS). An innovative company, AMS excels in providing hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, veteran hospitals and other medical centers with streamlined mobile surgical and sterile processing facilities.

AMS was founded by the “father of mobile surgery,” Rick Cochran, who created the world’s first mobile surgical units and first mobile sterilization processing units more than 20 years ago. Though this technology has been replicated by other businesses, AMS remains first in its class.

AMS offers the following benefits:

  • Maintains excellent patient care during renovation project
  • More efficient renovation; allows facility to upgrade operating rooms simultaneously
  • Better communication between contractors, architects and key medical personnel
  • Provides staffing solutions: experienced processing techs, scrub techs, service techs, and others
  • Enables facility to maintain current revenue streams during renovation process
  • Increases tolerance around the renovation by both patients and staff
  • Utilizes underused and/or greenspaces for cutting-edge mobile units
  • Increases efficiency of staff time
  • Offers uninterrupted services for patients requiring surgery who may otherwise seek alternate facilities
  • On-site water, temporary waste and quiet electrical power available within mobile units

The best solution for medical facility renovation is AMS. To find out how our team of problem-solving professionals can help create a more efficient, quieter, and less stressful renovation please contact us.

AMS offers a suite of other products as well such as: mobile field hospitals, mobile pharmacies and labs, mobile training facilities, base camps and modular small arms firing ranges. Visit our products page to learn more.

This video was created by our partner, MSI, located in Mexico and features a legacy unit.