Mobile Surgery Facilities


Integrated Self-Contained
Rapidly Deployable.


Hospital grade air conditioning.
Expands to 1,000 square feet.


30 Air exchanges per hour. Positive air FLOW relationships to other areas.

When serving in the military, deployment can happen anywhere at a moment’s notice. Because of this, military personnel must be provided with adequate shelter in which to perform their duties.

Temporary facilities need to be transported and set up rapidly at the desired location ensuring efficient use of time and valuable manpower. AMS offers mobile training facilities and base camps which can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Units can also be converted into much-needed barracks for military personnel.

AMS provides the units you need at the time and location you need it. These temporary offices and workrooms are made of sturdy materials which can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Streamline the renovation of your operating rooms by updating simultaneously. In addition to saving time and revenue, this creates cohesion among newly installed medical equipment, leaving less room for human error.
As baby boomers age and require more surgical intervention, mobile surgery facilities offer medical centers a viable option for continued revenue and less disruption of services. Choose AMS and your facility will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maintain excellent standards of care

  • Clean water, temporary waste removal, and quiet generators for electrical needs in each unit

  • Improve communication between staff

  • Meet current code

  • Maintain excellent service in all climates—from the heat of the desert in Nevada to cold winters in Minnesota

  • Immediate equipment troubleshooting and repair by on-site service technicians

  • On-site staffing solutions, from processing techs to scrub techs and other professionals

  • All equipment to be upgraded at the same time

  • Keep regulators satisfied

  • Greater efficiency; staff in mobile units are less distracted and more productive