Mobile Sterile Processing Facilities

Mobile Sterile Processing Facilities


Mobile Sterile ProcessingYour medical organization is in the pre-planning stages of upgrading its sterile processing department, but concerned about utilizing a mobile unit. Many legacy units are known to have heating challenges and issues with staining. AMS eliminates the common problems that occur in these older models through the use of new HVAC systems.

Our fleet of mobile units offer cutting-edge technology. Working closely with the industry’s leading experts in sterile processing, Getinge® and their design team, AMS offers the next generation of mobile sterile processing facilities. Additionally, AMS mobile sterile processing units meet the strictest AAMI codes.

Our highly-skilled technicians will work seamlessly with your team to provide the best patient care possible. Your facility will experience less disruption and loss of revenue utilizing our mobile sterile processing units. Likewise, AMS will work with your architects, engineers and contractors in the early planning stages in order to provide a smooth execution of your renovation plans.

Contact AMS today to learn how we can ensure your facility’s next renovation project results in the best possible outcomes.