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About Rick Cochran

Developing innovative healthcare solutions for the global market is the passion of Rick Cochran. Rick’s work in the mobile healthcare industry spans over 30 years. Considered the “father of mobile surgery,” Rick uses innovation and cutting-edge technology in today’s mobile medical units.

Industry requests caused Rick to form AMS. Legacy units are aging and frequently outdated, plagued with ineffective heating and cooling systems and too-frequent downtime. AMS provides a different experience.

In the early 80s, Rick began his health care career by founding “Outpatient Services of America,” a healthcare consulting company that specializes in the planning and development of ambulatory surgery facilities. This was in response to the spiraling costs of healthcare. It helped physicians develop cost-effective outpatient surgery centers.

The founding in 1994 of “MMIC,” a company that offers engineered solutions for commercial and mobile military healthcare delivery followed. Rick became a recognized expert in the mobile surgery industry, providing numerous keynote addresses, as well as publishing a number of articles related to the development and growth of the mobile surgery industry.

Inducted into the Smithsonian Institute of American History in 1999 and also named Vermont and National Small Business Person of the Year in 2011, Rick has worked with the United States military, served as an active Red Cross volunteer for more than a decade, and assisted in many other service organizations throughout his life.

Rick’s passion—to provide the best possible solution for medical facilities during renovation projects while maintaining patient care standards, revenue, and goodwill among staff—guides his work with AMS. He founded the company in 2018, but his forward-thinking and innovative healthcare solutions have been in place for decades.

About Rick Cochran

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