About Us

Our mission is simple: to partner with medical facilities in times of transition whether caused by renovation, construction, or crisis.  

AMS acts as a first responder for medical facilities, the military, and humanitarian organizations.

Through innovative technologies, AMS provides your organization with everything needed to maintain patient care standards and current codes, improve communication, and ensure the renovation process is less stressful and more productive.

Additionally, we act in times of crisis, establishing overflow wards and off-site mobile sterilization units when they are needed most urgently.

Founded by Rick Cochran in 2018, AMS addresses the needs of medical facilities around the country and the world.

If your organization wants to proactively streamline processes and buffer patients and staff through the stressful renovation process, let us assist you. Likewise, if your medical facility is reeling in the wake of disaster due to pandemic, fire, earthquake, flood or other catastrophic events, we can help.

Contact us to find out how we can serve you, your patients and staff during planned renovations and unexpected events.

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